Welcome to Storytellers Inque!

Please accept this invitation for both Writers and Readers to explore STORYTELLERS INQUE, a new blog devoted to sharing writing and poetry. The Whitesboro Writers Group is the sponsor of this venture. Dunham Public Library hosts the Group.

This is an open invitation to Writers to submit their fiction, nonfiction, essays, and poetry for inclusion on the new blog. This endeavor is casual. There are no prompts, deadlines, or required feedback.

Anyone from anywhere may contribute almost anything. We will publish daily or as stories arrive. You may send in a submission once per week, or less, as you prefer, with none more than 1,000 words.


If you are interested, see full submission guidelines on the STORYTELLERS INQUE blog ( 


Sharpen your quills and join us, and/or refer others to the site.

We look forward to reading and sharing your work.



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