Life can be dull,

It really can be,

So let’s leave

This old town –

Live by Sea!


There’s a place

I know,

A home in

Dear Greece,

A house large enough

For Poetry Plus!


We’ll write poetry

By sunset,

Eat grape leaves,

’til dawn

Drink very strong wine,

Engage in loud,

Hearty Greek song!


We’ll eat and drink

Write and read,

Bless the universe,

For our Escape indeed!


We’ll swim in the warmth,

back float in the sun,

Snooze on the beach,

Simply become undone!


The Sea will heal

What ails you and me,

Some time away,

Just wait and see!


So pack your bags,

It’s time to go,

Taxi’s waiting,

Don’t be slow.


And if you can’t

Pick up and leave,

Just imagine this trip

Let your mind perceive,


A time away with

Friends and wine,

Beauty of the Sea,

Warmth of Sunshine!!