Local Authors: Cheryl Pula

“The Eighth Air Force Series”

Volume One: The Children’s Crusade; ISBN: 978-1511704410

Volume Two: The Ragged Irregulars; ISBN: 978-1511705110

Volume Three: The Rookie; ISBN: 978-1935122319

Volume Four: A Wing and a Prayer; ISBN: 978-1935122333

Volume Five: Maximum Effort; ISBN: 978-1511705653

Volume Six: The Dogs of War; ISBN: 978-1935122425

Volume Seven: Above and Beyond; ISBN: 978-1511718363

Volume Eight: Some Gave All; ISBN: 978-1511677578

“It’s a Mystery Series”

Volume One: Getting Away with Murder; ISBN: 978-1935122340

Volume Two: Puzzles of World War II; ISBN: 978-1511791106

Volume Three: Where did They Go?; ISBN: 978-1511791458

Volume Four: Strange Beasts and Beings; ISBN: 978-1511791748

Volume Five: Ancient Sites; ISBN: 978-1523750962

Volume Six: UFOs; ISBN: 978-1523751358

Other titles…

With Courage and Honor: Oneida County’s Role in the Civil War by James S. Pula and Cheryl A. Pula

ISBN: 978-0966036374

Chow Time: Recipes for the Bomber Boys of the 8th Air Force Series; ISBN: 978-1539533085