Library Card Terms and Conditions

Application Form:

I agree to observe all library rules and policies, including, but not limited to, its Rules of Conduct and Internet Access Policy, and will be responsible for all materials borrowed on my card. I also agree to pay fines or other charges imposed for late return, loss, or mutilation of library materials. I will notify the Library if my card is lost, or if I change my name or address.

Library Card:

  • This library card must be presented each time you borrow materials.
  • Your library card is valuable. Please protect it. If it should be lost or stolen, please notify your library promptly.
  • Please notify your library if your name or address changes.
  • Your card entitles you to use the materials and services of this library and other public libraries in Herkimer, Madison, and Oneida counties.
  • The person whose signature appears on this card is responsible for all materials borrowed and charges incurred on this card. For minors, the parent or legal guardian is responsible for all materials and charges.

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