History of Dunham Public Library: Moses Earl Dunham, D.D., Ph.D.

Moses Earl Dunham, D.D., Ph.D.

Came from ancient New England family lineage…established in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1630 by John Dunham who emigrated to America from Lancashire, England.

Graduated from Hamilton College in 1847 and taught school for several years.

The Dunham home was built by Moses Earl Dunham within this ten year period for his residence. There was a time between the completion of the home and 1880 that Moses did not occupy the house.

In 1881, he became the Principal of the Whitestown Seminary. It was during this period of time that he re-occupied the house.

He entered the Presbyterian ministry and was principal of the Whitestown Seminary from 1881 – 1884.

Married Harriet in 1852, who died in 1859, at age 26, when their only son, George Earl was born.

Moses Earl became pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Whitesboro in 1864. His last pastorate was the Plymouth Church in Utica.

Published a book: The Philosophy of Prayer: a Treatise on the Scientific Nature of Prayer

He died on December 17, 1898, having long survived his wife. Moses Dunham was a forceful writer, an eloquent orator, an analytical thinker and stood in the first rank of ministers in the community.