For Your Consideration

On June 26, a former employee of Dunham Public Library (who has since retired) posted on the library’s Facebook page, an invitation to the Children’s Summer Reading Program that contained a racist reference. This kind of behavior is in violation of several tenets of the American Library Association’s Code of Ethics as well as Dunham Public Library’s Mission Statement. The Board of Trustees of Dunham Public Library would like to reassure both the patrons of the library and its employees that, as stewards of the community’s investment in this institution, we unequivocally support the rights of patrons to be served with “accurate, unbiased, and courteous responses,” and for employees to be treated “with respect” (ALA Code of Ethics, Principles 1 & 5, 2008).

Everyone involved with Dunham Public Library, regardless of ethnicity, religious beliefs, political affiliation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation or ability deserves respectful treatment and support in their pursuit of information and all the other services the library offers. In the event that ANYONE, patrons or employees, experiences treatment that does not meet this standard, we urge you to bring it to the attention of the Library Director, April Bliss, as well as contacting any member of the Board of Trustees.

Working together as a community to uphold these standards of ethical and respectful behavior can make Dunham Public Library the kind of welcoming, inclusive environment we can all be proud of and utilize.



Dunham Public Library Board of Trustees