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MYLibrary2Go: eBooks and eAudio Books

In cooperation with other area public libraries and the Mid-York Library System, Dunham Public Library offers a collection of popular fiction and non-fiction titles in both eBook and audio book format. This service is called MYLibrary2Go.

Getting Started

Anyone with a library card in good standing at Dunham Public Library can access these collections free of charge. The eBooks can be read on PC and Mac computers using the free Adobe Digital Editions software and then can be transferred to an eReader such as the Barnes & Noble Nook, the Sony eReader, the Kobo and more (click here for a full guide to compatible devices).

Wherever you read your eBook, it is “due” in either 7 or 14 days depending on which option you choose at Check-Out. In Adobe Digital Editions, the diagonal ribbon across the book cover shows the remaining check-out days.

Important! Once the eBook date due arrives, the file will remain on your reader, but becomes unreadable, so you need to choose to delete it.

These are the facts:

  • Five items can be checked out at a time
  • Check out dates are 7 or 14 days, your choice;
  • eBooks CAN be “returned” before the due date;
  • Titles will automatically expire after the due date, so there are no late fees;
  • Public domain eBooks DO NOT count towards your limit of 5, and once a title is downloaded it is yours.

About Digital Rights Management (DRM)

What is Digital Rights Management (DRM)?

DRM protects digital content distributed online, whether it is downloaded, printed, passed from peer-to-peer, or viewed. DRM protects copyright and is often part of an eBook’s digital license.

What is a digital license?

A digital license protects the authors’ and publishers’ rights to provide access and protect income from the sale of a title. Digital licenses vary, depending on the contract(s) between authors, publishers, and the sellers.

Why is there a Digital License?

Authors use DRM software to make sure that the person who is reading a title is the person that bought (or borrowed) the title from a seller or a library. For example, if a library purchased 1 copy to lend, only 1 person should be reading it at a time. The main reading software, Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), uses digital licensing to enforce lending periods.

Why is it important to set up an Adobe ID and password?

To download to an eReader device, you MUST have an Adobe ID and password set up. If you create an Adobe ID, you may download the book to more than one computer as long as the computers use the same Adobe ID. This should be done AS SOON AS you set up Adobe Digital Editions.

What does this mean to me?

If you decide to set up an Adobe ID after you have downloaded titles, you may lose the rights to read the eBooks downloaded previously as it was downloaded using an “anonymous” ID. And without an Adobe ID and password, you cannot transfer books to your eReader device.

What about the Kindle?

The Amazon Kindle is now compatible with all MYLibrary2go audio books and eBooks. Using Amazon’s Whispersync technology and WiFi access, a title can be checked out on your computer and will automatically load onto your Amazon Kindle.  There is one exception: Kindle Penguin books can no longer be delivered wirelessly to devices.  Instead, they have to be connected to a computer and manually added to the device.

Instructions for Loading eBooks to a Kindle

For More Information

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