Donating Books

Dunham Public Library welcomes your donations!

Thanks so much for thinking of us!

We will happily accept your gently used books, movies and other media. Donations may be made any time the library is open.  We cannot accept more than ten boxes per donation. 

Please remember these tips to be a considerate donor:

Any donations should be clean and odor-free.

We cannot accept textbooks, encyclopedias, loose brochures/recipes, or most toys.

We cannot accept materials left outside the library, please bring them inside or let a staff member know if you require assistance.

We always use donations to enhance our library collection or our ongoing book sales. If you wouldn’t want to check it out or buy it, we probably can’t use it.

Thank you again for your generosity! If you’d like a receipt for your tax-deductible donation, just ask at the Information Desk.