Did You Know?

Did you know that the large display case in our main foyer is available to EVERYONE?

Do you have a favorite collection? Items from a hobby? Photos from a trip? Would you like to show them off to others?

Our large display case is open to all on a monthly basis.

If you have something that you would like to display, give us a call at 315-736-9734, ext. 207 or stop in and ask at the Information Desk for more details.


Did you know that Dunham Public Library has a telescope? Did you know that you are able to check it out?

Flyer: Telescope Flyer

Thanks to the generosity of the Mohawk Valley Astronomical Society, Dunham now has an Orion 4.5″ Starblast Telescope.

It can be checked out on an adult library card only for a period of two weeks.

For more details, please call 315-736-9734, ext. 207 or ask at the Information Desk.