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Writers' Notebook

Dunham Public Library authors and links to their compositions. All works are published here with permission.

28 Million Years by Lou Poccia

300 First Words of a Novel by Lewellyn Blanchard

72 Hours by Stephen Reppel

After Midnight by Kevin S. Carroll

After Midnight, October 27-28, 1978 by Carol Alexander

The Altar of RA by Judy Jerome

Anything for Love by Barbara Leiger Granato

At Least I Was Honest by Barbara Epley-Shuck

At Least I Was Honest by Lewellyn Blanchard

Attitude of Gratitude by Lewellyn Blanchard

Balloon Story by Jerry Finkelstein

Black Friday by Cheryl P. Zammiello

The Blondes In My Life by Jerry Finkelstein

Book Hoarding by Judy Jerome

Breaking Point by Carol Alexander

The Brickyard by Cheryl Pula

Cabin Fever by Brian Klocek

The Case of the Missing Dwarf by Jerry Finkelstein

Cats by Lewellyn Blanchard

Cats by Barbara Epley-Shuck

Chapter 2 - Rachel by Cathy Galligano

Classified Telephonic Transcripts Restricted to Very Limited Release (A Sign of the Times) by Brian Klocek

Creating Positive Frequencies by Judy Jerome

The Day Alex Told Us He Will Marry Marilyn And Take Her Away From All This Was The Day We Drove Out To Jones Beach And Declared We Can Never Go Back To Coney Island by Jerry Finkelstein

Days by Jennie Mroz

Desiring the Desert by Sarah Mendez

DKDC by Cheryl Pula

The Dream Job by Kevin S. Carroll

Dream Job? They All Were by Judy Jerome

Engraved Memory by Cathy Galligano

Family Matters by Barbara Epley-Shuck

Family Matters by Cheryl P. Zammiello

Family Matters 101 by Jerry Finkelstein

Family Secrets by Judy Jerome

Finder's Keepers by Barbara Leiger Granato

First In by Cheryl Pula

The First Trip to Another Galaxy by Brian Klocek

Friends by Jennie Mroz

Grandma's Secret by Barbara Leiger Granato

Grandpa Cried by Barbara Epley-Shuck

Gratitude by Barbara Epley-Shuck

The Hell of Good Enough by Judy Jerome

He's Come Undone by Carol Alexander

Hundred Bucks by Cheryl Zammiello

I Don't Remember... by Jerry Finkelstein

I Like Social Networking by Barbara Epley-Shuck

Imagine That by Cathy Galligano

Infinite Possibilities by Cheryl Pula

Information Please... by Cheryl Pula

The Inheritance by Barbara Epley-Shuck

Judith A. Jerome: Full Bibliographic Biographic Record by Judy Jerome

Keys by Barbara Epley-Shuck

Keys by Deborah Golowski

Killing Time by Jerry Finkelstein

Killing Time by Lewellyn Blanchard

The Kindness of Strangers by Barbara Epley-Shuck

Libraries in My Life by Barbara Epley-Shuck

The Life in My Days by Cathy Galligano

A Matter of One's Perspective by Cheryl Pula

My Dream Job by Barbara Leiger Granato

My Dream Job by Brian Klocek

My Imaginary Friend by Barbara Epley-Shuck

My Keys are Out to Get Me by Judy Jerome

My Life by Barbara Epley-Shuck

My Life in 250 Words (or less) by Lewellyn Blanchard

No Ice Cream for Jaquat by Brian Klocek

No One was Laughing by Cheryl Pula

Noah's Radio by Kevin S. Carroll

OCD or Carom of the Mind by Judy Jerome

On a Scale of One to Ten by Barbara Epley-Shuck

On a Scale of One to Ten by Brian Klocek

One Small Step by Cheryl Pula

Packing My Suitcase by Lauren Gilbert

Packing My Suircase by Lewellyne Blancahrd

Podcast by Carol Alexander

Poet Rat's Adventures by Rosalind Kover

The Prayer by Cheryl P. Zammiello

A Prayer for Pet Lovers by Judy Jerome

A Road to Nowhere - Prose Posin' as Poetry by Brian Klocek

Samsonite or American Tourister by Judy Jerome

Settling by Barbara Leiger Granato

The Sign of the Times by Judith A. Jerome

Signs of the Time by Barbara Epley-Shuck

Social Networking by Cheryl P. Zammiello

Social Network 101 by Jerry Finkelstein

The Social Network of Spring by Judy Jerome

Socko From Sacco, Maine by Rosalind Kover

Spellbound by Judy Jerome

Spellbound by Lauren Gilbert

A Spirited Discussion by Carol Alexander

Spiritual Connection by Cheryl P. Zammiello

Spring Cleaning by Barbara Epley-Shuck

Start of a Novel ... Escape by Barbara Epley-Shuck

A Suitcase Someday by Jennie Mroz

Supine by Jonas Kover

Tears in the Wash Water by Judy Jerome

There Are Cats and There Are Cats by Jerry Finkelstein

There's No Place Like Home by Jerry Finkelstein

These People by Jerry Finkelstein

Through the Library Doors by Cathy Galligano

A Tiger's Point-of-View by Lauren Gilbert

To Boldly Go by Cheryl Pula

To Come This Far by Rosalind Kover

"... To The Casual Observer" by Carol Alexander

Today by Lauren Gilbert

Today: A Plea by Judy Jerome

Tom's Cabin by Carol Alexander

Too Much to Do by Cheryl Pula

Tradition by Barbara Epley-Shuck

Tradition by Rosalind Kover

Tradition? Bah Humbug by Judy Jerome

Transitions by Carol Alexander

Uncle Hoppy by Rosalind Kover

What About Me by Julie Rand

Wings to Fly by Judy Jerome

Without the Dark, There is No Light by Judy Jerome

Writing Deadlines by Deborah Golowski

You Must Return the Book by Jerry Finkelstein

Youthful Indiscretion by Rosalind Kover